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  myitinos cfa06036cb [FIX] update binary 4 years ago
  myitinos d8be287ad2 [FIX] change flag to stripped 4 years ago
  myitinos 8d55da501e [NEW] add gitignore 4 years ago
  myitinos 5fc89d2903 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.stikom-bali.ac.id/myitinos/HackTheGame-v001 5 years ago
  myitinos 8cd5b34c91 changed indo.o recipe 5 years ago
  myitinos 93108d5589 Update 'README.md' 5 years ago
  myitinos b4f3ffb60e removed include monster from creation 5 years ago
  myitinos a959f34110 removed vscode folder 5 years ago
  myitinos e7b8e12c85 updated info source file to current source condition 5 years ago
  myitinos 5a8cc9d21b removed unnecessary source file 5 years ago
  myitinos 1cc8364815 removed irrelevant readme content 5 years ago
  myitinos c58a853230 removed monster.o from makefile 5 years ago
  myitinos 186f1289c1 updated version on readme 5 years ago
  myitinos ef7e74686e removed binary files 5 years ago
  myitinos e43b0864cd removed this files 5 years ago
  myitinos c3d88246f8 removed the flag file 5 years ago
  myitinos 2897d9c319 removed object files 5 years ago
  myitinos b35fad4086 i seriously forgot what I did since last commit 5 years ago
  myitinos 23efaa73e8 Update readme.md to match new repository name and make it a little prettier 5 years ago
  myitinos 3d74c7fb2d added dependencies 5 years ago
  myitinos 8960bbc418 added level 0 battle system 5 years ago
  myitinos bddb6a47fd addedd level getter 5 years ago
  myitinos 88aabb485a renamed function to check alive or not and added name getter 5 years ago
  myitinos bbae242f9a added att and def getter 5 years ago
  myitinos 4a851a8000 addedd hp and maxHP getter 5 years ago
  myitinos ef6b38d299 added maxHp variable and restoreHP() function 5 years ago
  myitinos ae11489f89 added checkAlive() function 5 years ago
  myitinos b399e580be added generate and load code 5 years ago
  myitinos 2936486126 first commit 5 years ago
  myitinos f21efa6ca6 Initial commit 5 years ago