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<div class="boxes">
<div class="candidate-number">
<span class="urut"><?= $no; $no++ ?></span>
<div class="radio">
<div class="candidate">
<label class="btn btn-default btn-free">
<div class="candidate-photo">
<img class="img-responsive img-thumbnail" src="<?= $item["photo"]; ?>" alt="<?= $item["nama_calon"]; ?>">
<div class="candidate-name">
<input type="radio" name="<?= $inputName ?>" class="opts" value="<?= $item['id_calon'] . '-' . $item['id_status'] ?>">
<strong><?= $item["nama_calon"]; ?></strong>
<div class="candidate-visimisi">
data-kandidat="<?= $item['nama_calon']; ?>"
data-visi="<?= $item['visi']; ?>"
data-misi="<?= $item['misi']; ?>"
data-img="<?= $item['photo']; ?>"
class="btn btn-info btn-block btn-frees"
data-backdrop="static">Visi & Misi</button>